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Lemon Soda is something that doesn’t need any introduction.it has millions of fans when not under fans,it quenches their thirst, especially when the sun does burst.the Lemonsoda will certainly make all efforts to arouse and satisfy your thirst for filmy funda in a way that is thunda thunda.

Digital Learning & Online Certificate Programs in HPLC & AAS

Lab-Training.com is an educational platform for analytical professionals and those who aspire for a future in industrial quality control or research, in areas like; pharmaceuticals, foods, cosmetics, forensics, polymers & plastics, petroleum and petro chemicals, geology & mining, etc. The portal covers free E-courses as well as advanced level paid certificate courses on analytical techniques.

Wallpaper Designing

Wall papers desingers chennai – Wall paper that blends well with wall color Families which are stepping into new homes will love to adorn wallpapers that blend well with color colors. Buy products from this reputed Wallpaper Chennai which has wide range of wallpapers inside their magnificent showroom. This Wallpaper in Chennai which is famous in the city also offers installation services for all the valued clients. Hallways and rooms will get fresh and tidy looks when they fix the products that are sold at Wallpapers in Chennai. Customers who are in urgent need of wallpapers urgently should decide to dial the number that is shown here and engage the services of Wallpaper design in Chennai.

Food Service AKI

AKI Food Service Solutions, a wing of Al Khayyat Investments owned by Emirati Family Group , established in 1982, with headquarters in Dubai and operating throughout The Middle East. Lavazza, Europcar, Aquafresh, Sensodyne, Aspirin, Merito, Boston Scientific are some of AKI’s premier profitable partners. AKI is one among the successful business group that holds 4521 customers serviced in a day. In addition to that, AKI serves 990 deliveries where 98% on time in a day. AKI have warehouse management system where the count of incoming shipments are not less than 197 per month.


AKI food service solution gives high priority to their customer needs; by understanding their requirements and providing high working standards both in quality and services; to exceed the customer coffee expectations. The product portfolio of AKI includes all the premium quality products of Lavazza like lavazza coffee beans Dubai, Lavazza Filtro Classico Filter Coffee, Lavazza Blue Espresso Intenso, coffee filter machines from Marco, coffee bean grinders from Wega, fully automatic machines from WMF.

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